I’m all In .. Are you?

I am an emotional writer! I love to write about inspirational and motivational things. I also love to read them as well. I mean who doesn’t?! Well this entry is no exception but it may challenge you a bit because I have been challenged trying to kraft the right words to say. We  have all had or been presented with challenges in our lives especially when they  stand in the way of you doing or being great! How do you handle those challenges? Probably like most of us do you come up with 101 ways to talk yourself out of  doing it because fear sets in and you begin to think of all the reasons in the world why you were NOT the one God really meant to choose. Well I want to be the hundredth person that tells you…YOU are EXACTLY the person he meant to choose!I will be completely honest and say that my ALL IN has been a daily  ongoing process. Sometimes I am pumped and feel empowered to take on the world. Other days I am paralyzed with fear and second guess and doubt every single thing that I have experienced. I am so grateful for my support system because I truly believe that each of them has been placed in my life to speak directly to whatever I am facing. It is not easy being all in…I get it! On October 26, 2018 I tested my level of ALL IN and decided to walk away  from my corporate job and focus on Baked Chemistry fulltime. Making this decision was something that I just talked about doing and honestly did not ever think I would have the opportunity to do. I thought about several different reasons on why I shouldn’t but they all seemed to lead me back the reasons that I should and I must. What I have experienced since the start of my business has been supernatural to say the least.Having two accounts with very well known and respected businesses here in the state of Arizona on my own efforts are huge feats and I must remind myself they should not be taken lightly.  There are days that I wake up in awe of what God has done and I find myself asking God did he really mean to chose me? Since deciding to be all in I have truly learned to understand what it means to have Faith and Trust. This road to becoming an entrepreneur is definitely not paved. It is met with bumps, twists and turns along the way. You have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone, try new things and celebrate successes and learn from failures. You also have to learn to not view bad experiences with devastation there is a lot to be learned from bad experiences. Balance is extremely important and learning to have balance in all areas of life is absolutely necessary for your mind and physical body. Establishing as much of a routine as you can will open up opportunities to create new ideas and promote great balance.  Saying yes requires a level of sacrifice that some are not prepared for. Saying yes requires a level of faith that can be viewed by some as supernatural. Saying yes requires blind obedience to something that you have no idea how it will manifest. But whatever it takes you must be ALL IN! You have to be willing to sacrifice spending time with friends and family, staying up some late nights, and be willing to forget everything you think you know to remain open to every possibility! There is no such thing as a bad idea no matter how different or unorthodox it may appear. You’ve got something unique and different to share with the world you have to believe in your ability to execute it!

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