As we embark on the final Monday of 2019 I am excited to blog about all of the wonderful things I accomplished this year. I know… I know this is a not your typical brag Blog it is a REAL entry that talks about the triumphs as well as the failures. I rarely post only the good because in my opinion it only shows you the end result not what I experienced to get there. Being an entrepreneur has been full of ups and downs it has also been full of losses and gains.

I have lost some people that started off this journey with me and have gained some new people who have understood and supported where I am trying to take and grow my brand. Losing someone is never an easy thing and there are times when you reflect on the loss and ask yourself what part you did or didn’t play in it. I am learning to question less and be more grateful for the experience I was allowed to have. I am also learning about Gratitude and Humility and what those two words truly mean in my journey.

I learned a few important things this year that I hope to be able to share with each of you. The first thing I learned was about having Faith. Some of you may know the story but I will skip to the meat and potatoes. On October 26, 2018 I walked away from my full time corporate job and began growing Baked Chemistry on a meaningful level. I wanted to move this business from being more than just a “side hustle” to a viable brand and business. To do that I had to have Faith that this was the right decision and further more that I would continue to provide for the needs of my family just as I had in the past. This required a discipline and change of how I used to view money and my behaviors in my spending. It also required a mindset shift that meant needs and wants would have to be clearly defined. Now I am not saying you must remove everything that was fun about your life but I definitely learned how to define things that brought me joy a whole lot better during this time. Each of us has our own definition of Faith how you arrive at it is completely up to us. I can share with each of you that when my Faith attempted to waver and I contemplated the following: should I return to a normal 9 to 5, should I pick up a part-time job. I was quickly reminded that my Faith is what got me here, and it would be the very thing that would keep me here.

Growing was the second thing that I learned. I  am sure you are saying that this an obvious thing to learn and maybe to most it is but what they don’t tell you is that Growing only works when you really want to Grow! What do I mean by that?! I had to do an overhaul of pretty much everything I thought I knew about growing my business and brand. I had to think about relationships that I had past and present. I had to look at the role I played in those relationships. Most importantly I had to acknowledge that I had outgrown those relationship in order for me to move forward. Growing can signify the death and birth of something all at once and that is SCARY!! I had an opportunity earlier this year with a major company in Arizona. This opportunity felt HUGE on some many levels. It would help my business gain new customers, another opportunity to reach my audience and demographic but in a different part of the valley. Week after week I began to notice things that were unsettling to me. I was unsure if I had the right to complain to such a huge company about the concerns that I was having. A friend challenged me by asking if this relationship was something that I needed and saw a benefit from or if it was more trouble than it was worth. After putting up with as much as I could handle and activated that Faith once again I made a decision to discontinue the relationship. I knew  in that moment that I was growing as a business owner because I decided that despite how well known a company they may be how you are treated as a business owner is important. What you allow as a business owner is also important. You have to ask yourself during this journey if I am willing to accept being mistreated now what will that look like when my business really takes off and expands. 

Lastly  I have learned to Dream! I am not talking about the dreams you have in your sleep about someone close to you or something bizarre happening I am talking about Dreaming for my business and brand. Over the years when I am asked how and why the name, Baked Chemistry the answer is pretty simple. When you ask me what are my hopes and dreams for Baked Chemistry that seemed harder in the past to identify. I can now share that as a business owner I hope to continue to make products that my customers have grown to love and expect.  I hope to continue to take each of you on a taste experience that challenges and pleases your palates.  I hope to have more opportunities to impact my community and pursue more passion projects where I am able to share my love of baking and its therapeutic benefits. I also hope to continue to expand from a wholesale and distribution standpoint by increasing our products in more stores throughout the valley. What a year this has been! What an upcoming year it will be! I have a new mantra that I will begin to use: Faith…Grow…Dream what about you? 

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